Problems with Application Loader

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Hi, Im having major problems with Application loader, and I have exhausted my searching of Reddit, This Form and Stack Exchange for an answer.

Every time I try to load my application using Application Loader V 3.0

It crashes with this report.

Communication error. Please use diagnostic mode to check connectivity. You need to have outbound access to TCP port 443.

An Exception has occurred: Received Fatal alert: protocol_version

Could not connect to Apple's Web Service.

The resulting API analysis file is too large. We were unable to validate your API usage prior to delivery. This is just an informational message.


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    giving the transporter app a go now

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    Well - I got it working by using Transporter.

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    1. make a folder with name Payload.
    2. put the compiled files into Payload folder.
    3. compress folder to file, than change to Payload.ipa.

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