AppStore has rejected my submission due to the error "Guideline 2.3 - Performance - Accurate Metada

They say they are unable to install the app on iPad.

I was able to install the app on iPad by TestFlight, so I don't know why.

I can see Info.plist, but I'm not sure how I can fix Metadata.

- I can't find "UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities" in the Info.plist. Does it mean RequiredDeviceCapabilities?

I built the file by Build RC, and the platform is iOS universal, off course.

I've never seen the error. Anybody help me, please.

P.S. I come here only when I'm always stucked on something. Thanks.


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    Hi there! Can you DM a picture of your publishing profile for the game so I can check the settings you're using?

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