Downloading a marketplace template in gameSalad for windows

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Hi all, I am sure this answer is in the forum somewhere and has been asked many many times. however i seem to be chasing my tail on this and seem to find a simple eplanation for my question.

I have purchased a template in the marketplace and want to put it into gameSalad so i can use it. Can someone please direct me to the basics of this.

I was a Pro member a few years back, but let my subscription lapse. and for the life of me i cannot remember how to to this.

what i need is an answer to .3 below:


.1 Template purchased

.2 Template downloaded on my PC

.3 Move template from my PC to GameSalad


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    So if it's for windows, just unzip it and go into the .gameproj directory. If it doesn't have a .gsproj file in then create one and you're good to go.

    Long version

    A bit more explanation, GameSalad was originally created on OS X (macOS) and they allow you to designate directories with a certain extension as an package. So if we name the directory .gameproj, it looks like a single file to the system and you can double click it.

    When we went go GameSalad, we ran into a problem as there wasn't an equivalent functionality in Windows at the time, so we ended up adding another file with the gsproj extension. That was an empty file, but it acted as a project file ensure a user would open up something in the correct directory.

    Most templates were created after windows so they should all have gsproj files, but on occassion you will find one older than that and you'll have to add it yourself.

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    Hi Adent42

    Thanks. Sorry for the late reply been caught up

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    Hi Ardent42.

    I was a GS pro member a few years back. I was working on a class project and could create an image in Corel Draw and import it into my GS project with no hiccups. I unfortunately let the subscription expire. I have since downloaded GS again, but I am finding it not as easy to use? I can create an image, save this image, but when I go to import it into my template it cannot be located? is there something very basic I am not doing?

    Any help/tips would be appreciated

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    Hi all,

    I have found the solution to my little issue. it had to do with the size of the file is was trying to import.

    I am now back up and running.


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