GameSalad HTML5 Engine 1.25.135

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edited April 2023 in Release Notes

This engine is now on Arcade and HTML5 Export. It will be on Creator 2 shortly.

General Updates:

  • Load default fonts from if they don't exists in the project (instead of
  • HTML5 engine now respects randomSeed attribute. Using for random numbers unless randomSeed is set to -1, in which case we'll use native Math. random. Native random is more performant, so you'll usually want that. Math.seedrandom is useful if you want to build a game with a predictable random sequence (useful for competitive games).
  • Fixed a couple of issues with Custom Shapes. Basically customer shapes were broken if you were using them in an Rule predicate AND they were broken in general if your actor wasn't square. Also, related minor performance optimizations.

Creator 2 Updates:

  • Added mp4 as valid audio extension for Creator 2 (we convert it to m4a if you're publishing)
  • Added oggmented to support ogg in for Creator 2. Creator 2 can now preview sounds on Safari (useful if you're using Creator 2 on iPad)
  • Missing fonts will cause an alert on preview.

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