Help with Interstitial Ads and Nested Timer Logic


  • The GlessnerdThe Glessnerd Member, PRO Posts: 54

    Wasn't sure where to post this, so Ill just drop them here.


    I have a rule that states when boolean(banner) is false, pause game and redirect to scene(banner). This works as it should in preview, but once loaded on the device and uploaded to Testflight, when it triggers, it freezes the game every time


    I'm wanting to set up a rule (we'll just use when score = 1 for an example) and have a timer inside it with another rule inside that timer. But when I have it set up that way, the action inside the timer does not trigger.

    Didn't know if anyone else was having these same issues or if they were known problems. Thanks

  • The GlessnerdThe Glessnerd Member, PRO Posts: 54

    For context, the first issue doesnt involve interstitial ads at all. The "scene(banner)" is just named that in namesake. I believe the issue is with the pause function.

  • zarzirzarzir Member, PRO Posts: 117

    @The Glessnerd I also had a problem with the pause function, I wrote about it at the end of the first page from where your msg was split from.

    as far as I can remember, for me the problem was exit an ad when a banner is on, I turned the banner off before calling an ad and turned it on again after exit the ad and that solved my problem .

    Hope that helps

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