Android target API 30 problem

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I read in the forum, that I should use the RC Build option to "fix" the problem, getting the info in the Google Developer-Console when updating an old app.

Before I will upload it to Google I first ever want to test it on my smartphone.

Is it right, that the name of the filename is completely different, that when I make a normal build (it's something like: "appoutput18.apk").

When I try to test the app on my smartphone I get a parsing error, but when I make a normal build, it works without problems, but then I have the same problem with target API 30.

Because my app is very old, I can update it with a APK instead of an AAB...

I've tried also to make an internal test with this app and get then this error:

Failed to run aapt dump badging:
ERROR: dump failed because no AndroidManifest.xml found

Thanks for your help...


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    Contact for CS team (blue chat bubble) and they will be able to help I think. My guess is the commands to extract the APK didn't quite work right, so hopefully they'll be able to help you figure that out.

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    Thanks for the info.

    Where can I contact them? Directly in GameSalad or here?

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    I downloaded the bundle tool here:

    And then run this command:

    java -jar ./bundletool-all-1.13.1.jar build-apks --ks=<yourkeystorepath> --ks-key-alias=uplo<yourkeystorealias> adkey --mode=universal --<yourbundle> --output <whatyouwanttooput>.apks

    Here is my example:

    java -jar ./bundletool-all-1.13.1.jar build-apks --ks=/Users/adriangomez/GoogleDrive/Development/\~Keys/Android/cabagomez.keystore --ks-key-alias=uploadkey --mode=universal --bundle chancleta.aab --output chancleta.apks

    Everything after this you can do from the UI/Finder, but I am lazy, so I don't like moving my hands from the keyboard.

    Rename it zip:

    rm name.apks to

    Then I unzip it:

    unzip <apks file>

    I do this after I sign it, but not sure if it is necessary. The universal.apk is what you want.

    And of course, a video:

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    Thanks a lot.

    So that means, I didn't use the GameSalad signing tool but the bundletool you mentioned?

    The video is private, I can't watch it

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    I am not sure what the official stance is. I am just showing you what I do:

    1. Click on Build RC.
    2. Click on download AAB.
    3. Sign it using the command line. (all in the old video)
    4. And then follow the new video. (you should be able to see it now)

    Some of my steps might be redundant, but it works for me, so I am sharing.


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    thanks a lot.

    That seems to be work now.

    The funny thing it, that the new apk has a creation date of 01.01.1981 01:01 :)

    But that shouldn't be a problem...

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