Mac review feedback: Game doesn't start, only gray screen?!

My games were in review and I got now the feedback, that they not run. After the start nothing happens than a gray screen appear.

I've tested the game on my old mac (Intel) and it worked without problems.

Maybe, thats because I made them with an old Mac Mini (2012) and they were not 64Bit only?

I am not sure. In a few weeks I can test with a new MacMini M1, but for now I didn't have an answer.


  • adriangomezadriangomez Member, PRO Posts: 406

    What is the name of your game? I'll try it on my machine.

  • MarcoColMarcoCol Member, PRO Posts: 273


    currently it was not approved by Apple.

    I have had the chance to test it on an M1 Mac Mini and I see after the start a gray screen, and nothing seems to happen. But I can click around and it seems that the game runs, but behind a gray screen. I can't get out of this screen. This seems to be only on new Macs, because when I test it on the old Mac Mini (Intel from 2012), it runs without problems.

    I thought it might be happen because of the building with the old Intel-Mac, but building process will be done by GameSalad online if I am right. But I can test building with the new Mac Mini M1 in a few weeks and check again, if there are no other possible mistakes I've done...

  • adent42adent42 Key Master, Head Chef, Executive Chef, Member, PRO Posts: 2,761

    Thanks for checking this out. We haven't tested on an M1 yet, so I guess I'll be breaking an M1 laptop out to test with.

  • MarcoColMarcoCol Member, PRO Posts: 273

    Oh, ok. Please test Mac apps, which were finalized and uploaded with Intel Macs.

    I think it has nothing to to with the build in general, because it will be online on your servers, right? But any problim might be there with the Mac Apps...

  • MarcoColMarcoCol Member, PRO Posts: 273

    Any news on that?

    I would like to update the apps for Mac soon.

    Also what about the 64Bit-Only for Macs? I think since a few years apps are only allowed as 64Bit-Only apps. This will be done when build with GameSalad, right?

    The last time I updated the app, I think it was 32- and 64Bit and that's why they throw it out of the App Store...

  • MarcoColMarcoCol Member, PRO Posts: 273

    Happy new Year!

    Are there any news regarding that? The current state is, that I can't provide an update, because of the gray screen...

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