Looking for Competitive Prize Pool Games

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Hey, we're talking with a blockchain company as a potential partner and they were interested in finding games that could take advantage of a competitive prize pool to work with.

We're basically looking for "casual esports" games. Games that are single player but have a criteria like points or time to finish that can be used as a basis of competition. The winner or winners would win some form of currency from a prize pool. Players can pay an entry-fee for the game which becomes the source of the prize pool.

The game would likely need the following:

  • Session based play - Finite time play sessions that can let 2 or more people play the game and their skills be judged against each other.
  • Deterministic levels - Basically ensure that two or more players start with the exact same playing experience. The most common version of these games i see is Solitaire. So a deterministic game would have a mechanism to ensure two competitors are playing the same card layout

If you're working on something like that, or you have a game that you can fit into that mold, msg me! In stead of the usual format where we duck down and code for a few months to try to design a perfect interface for all games, we're going to try a more "partnership" approach. You tell us how your game works. We work together with the partner to build a custom integration for your game. Partner gets new games using their platform, you get new functionality, and we get to learn how this all works best so we can generalize it for the rest of the community!

If you have an existing game and you want to brag about it or are not sure it could be modified to fit this mold, feel free to share it in the thread and we can all discuss!


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    @adent42 This is still not for mobile games right ?

    What is the revenue model for developers ?

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    In this case it I think it is. I need to double check when I meet with them next, but I think they have mobile clients.

    In this example, I believe the idea is to take a cut of the betting pool. Say the game has 6 players. Each player pays in 1 token and the prize pool is 5 tokens. You keep the extra token.

    If it sounds at all interesting DM me the game you're working on and if it's okay to discuss it with the partner. Once we confirm some games to hook in, we'll share the details with the rest of the community.

  • adent42adent42 Key Master, Head Chef, Executive Chef, Member, PRO Posts: 2,761

    Oh this one is different than the previous announcement.

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