GameSalad Developer Survey 2021

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We're hoping to make the survey an annual thing, so please help us help you and fill it out!

Some results from last year's survey.


30.8% of respondents work in the video game industry professionally.

30.8% also build games on a contract basis for other people (I wonder if it's the same group?)


72.2% use Apple Leaderboards.

61.1% use Google Play Leaderboards.

40% use network behaviors to update game data.

28% use network behaviors for multiplayer games.

16% use network behaviors to track IAPs.


88% publish to Apple

80% publish to Google

44% publish to Amazon

20% on

and 8% claim to sell game floppy disk (I'm pretty sure 100% of them were joking).


52% use ads

52% sell their games up-front

44% sell consumables

40% use ad unlocks

While most people didn't make a whole lot, a few made it over the $1000 mark, with some making over $10k during the 3 month period of the last survey.

The two most popular marketing channels were Facebook and Youtube

A little over 40% of respondents spent more than $500 on marketing.


73% of respondents submitted an answer to the question: "What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?"

Only 4 people had the "correct" clarification response: "African or European?"

Though one did answer "more than a laden one" which is likely correct.

Though a few posted an answer found here (with one direct post of the link):


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