App Binary RC 1.25.20210212 - iOS Fixes

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To get these benefits use "Build RC". It doesn't matter which version of GameSalad Creator you publish with as long as it's a version 1.25.x.

For people used to the old RC thread, I will be repeating features that are not present in the regular "Generate" build, so you know in total what you are getting with this RC. New fixes since the last RC will be in bold.

This build fixes an issue Android IAP and updates Ad Networks versions.



  • Target API 29
  • Min API 21
  • Upgrade to Google Play Service Base & Basement 17.2.1.
  • Use Google Billing Client 3.0.2 instead of deprecated AIDL billing library.
  • IronSrc 7.1.0 and all mediated networks.
  • Admob 19.6.0
  • Chartboost 8.2.0
  • Support configuration that sets the Child Directed & Maximum Content rating settings.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where FireTV would pause on launch leading to app reviewers to think the game has frozen.
  • Fix bug where Google IAP does work.



  • Publishing with IronSrc disabled will now exclude IronSrc libraries, making the binary smaller.
  • IronSrc Banner Ad Support
  • Chartboost Banner Ad Support
  • Support configuration that sets the Child Directed & Maximum Content rating settings
  • Deployment target of iOS 12.1 with SDK 14.x
  • Update to IronSrc
  • IronSrc now includes all mediated networks except HyperMX
  • Update to Chartboost 8.4.0
  • Update to Admob 7.69.0
  • Enable with the Enable Ad Network Attribution publishing option.
  • Support requestTrackingAuthorizationWithCompletionHandler
  • Support SKAdNetworkItems / SKAdNetworkIdentifier in publishing.
  • Support paymentQueue listener for App Store promotion purchases of IAP (untested).


  • Fixed issue with loading on iOS 13, 12
  • Fixed issue with crash on AdMob Reward Ads
  • Improve Game Center. Now when Game Reset behavior is called, the Platform Login behavior will actually correctly reset the Platform Connected Attribute
  • Fix landscape loading image issue
  • Fix interstitial ad display
  • Updated code to avoid potential crashes from background updates from IAP and GameCenter
  • Accelerometer updates 1/30 of a second rather than 1/60, to hopefully better march old behavior.
  • Fixed Admob Banner Ad sizing


  • Updated Freestick to 0.3.2 allowing for more controller support.
  • Removed loading of TIFF, EXR, and RAW images from freeimage
  • Consolidated XML parsing to libxml2 (changing the table loader from expat)

Last Update:


This build is just to fix iOS issues found in the last build (see the stuff in bold above).

As usual your version of Creator won't affect things, just when and whether you hit Build RC.



  • eoineoin Member, PRO Posts: 36

    So we should use RC for iOS and normal Generate Build for Android?

  • adent42adent42 Key Master, Head Chef, Executive Chef, Member, PRO Posts: 2,098

    There are two bugs we've found and are testing the fixes for Android RC:

    • Consumables won't consume.
    • Canceling out of IAP won't change the purchase table entry back from pending.

    So here's my decision tree on Android:

    • Ads only? Use the RC!
    • IAP with no Consumables? Use the RC if you're okay with the pending bug.
    • Consumables? Use the normal generate.
  • HypnorabbitHypnorabbit SingaporeMember, PRO Posts: 231

    These are pretty significant issues. Is there any way to ensure they don't pop up again? I know my customers would be pretty unhappy if they couldn't buy consumables... Or if they did and they weren't rewarded (even worse).

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