Issue with Keystore signing

Hello, I'm trying to sign my game but can't understand why I get this error.

I'm 100% sure the password is ok since I made something like 20 differents tests (even with easy combinaisons)

I tried with same password than Keystore and with differents, but still the same error.

Also can someone tell me where I can see the console? Maybe this could help me.

Many thanks


  • bob loblawbob loblaw Member, PRO Posts: 640

    what button did you press to generate your apk?

    I literally just moved my android build stuff onto my iMac a few minutes ago (had been using the MacBook to sign things) and it worked for me.

    on the gs publish page, from build rc, when I click the sign process link, it takes me to that screen, but instead of jarsigner it asks me for the location of apksigner.

    when you generated your keystore, for some reason it asks you for two seperate passwords (like its the key turning thing from a Cold War nuclear bunker), if you haven't got both right from when you generated your keystore, it won't work. if you've forgotten your second password, you may need to generate a new keystore. when I did mine a while back, I found using keystore explorer a quick way of doing it - if you need to go that path. also, if you do need to generate another keystore, use the same password for both keystore and chosen key.

  • adriangomezadriangomez Member, PRO Posts: 234

    @bobloblaw is 100% correct. You have to type 2 passwords. Just 2 days ago, I forgot the second password and spent an entire day typing in random passwords until I figured it out. In my case because of my dumb security concerns I made the second password different than the first one. The good news is that it doesn't lock after x number of attempts so keep trying.

    Once you give up, if you have not published your game just create a new key (not a new keystore).

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