Thinking about jumping back into Gamesalad

CaptFinnCaptFinn Member Posts: 1,826

I had typed out this long passive aggressive 2 paragraph rant listing all the reasons I left 5+ yrs ago. But instead I’ll just make this approach to my query.

Hey , did GS get their $/@!;” together yet? Or are there still more features using workarounds to work properly vs actual features working when released. And not being released with a workaround to make them work?

see I did it even when I was trying not to

what’s the sales pitch? What’s new in GS?


  • personal foulpersonal foul Member Posts: 64

    same here been gone about 3 years and thinking of getting back in. seeing the same questions being asked now that were being asked then on the board. i should do some more exploring, but it looks like the answer is clear.

  • Braydon_SFXBraydon_SFX Member, Sous Chef, PRO, Bowlboy Sidekick Posts: 9,248

    Creator 2.0 has come a long way, imho. It's now faster and the new features it provides helps me want to use it more over the Mac Creator.

    I know that the team has lots of features planned for Creator 2.0. If you haven't played around with it yet, I'd encourage you to do so!

  • adriangomezadriangomez Member, PRO Posts: 234

    If you are trying to start a new project in Creator 2.0 it is absolutely great. I rarely have to go back to the old creator. And with features that don't even exist in the original creator (like zoom), no memory crashes, syncing across devices, it is really is a joy to work on. Especially on a big and high-resolution monitor. On smaller monitors, the UI feels cramped and you need to resize elements to get to things you need. Creator 2 feels like a more polished version of Construct 3.

    Importing an old project is another story. So many random errors that I could never get around or took me a while to figure out. Others are not fixable as far as I can tell. Maybe my projects were too old. In any case, the experience is completely different and if you are not strong will you will give up soon enough.

  • pinkio75pinkio75 Member, PRO Posts: 1,009
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    For me the big issue is to import the old projects...

    And honestly i hope that in the near future we could upload and run older .prj without erros.

  • HypnorabbitHypnorabbit SingaporeMember, PRO Posts: 231

    Is it possible to publish a game to both Google Play + App Store from Creator 2.0 @adriangomez @Braydon_SFX? I used it about a year ago, and the year before that, and found it way too sluggish from Australia. I'll take a look again if you can publish like the Mac Creator and has much of the same functionality.

    Sounds promising!

  • adriangomezadriangomez Member, PRO Posts: 234

    @Hypnorabbit Nothing changes from the publishing side. You still push your changes to the "portfolio" and publish from there.

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