Functions I would like in Gamesalad

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Hi everyone, I know that the Gamesalad team is already busy building some important functions, however I would like to propose these functions

1 The possibility of spawning an actor through attributes and tables, using the name of the actor or the image, now in the slot of my inventory I am forced to write as many rules as the possible objects to spawn, and with hundreds of objects the thing becomes very long and I don't know if it will affect performance. It sounds crazy when it's nice to imagine something like "spawn table cell value My Row column X"

2 The ability to take a photo in the game, if there is already the way I have not found it, it would be nice for users to share a photo on social media with for example the image of the objects obtained or a scene.

3 The ability to change the layers of an object in Game without having to resort to tricks such as multiple copies of the same actor on screen.

In my imagination the first 2 things should be possible, while maybe the third one would involve a lot of work?

Obviously I have no idea, and would like an @adent42 opinion on the feasibility of these functions.

And maybe even an opinion from other users and their further ideas!


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    Hi Ultralion for me the 3 could be a great thing! no more multiple actors between layer to simulate Z order...

    about 2 i think that we can't use cam...

  • PimanPiman Member, PRO Posts: 165

    Proper device screen size detection in order to create real Universal Builds. I cannot believe this is not in after 8 years of my absence. Shameful.

  • BaguvixBaguvix Member, PRO Posts: 21

    Number 3 would be awesome! Another thing I would appreciate a lot is an update to test games full screen with GS Viewer on new iPhone models

  • adent42adent42 Key Master, Head Chef, Executive Chef, Member, PRO Posts: 2,057

    Hardness in order:

    1, 3, 2.

    None of these is on our roadmap in the short term (mostly because we are not planning too far ahead and we are in the middle of more Ad network upgrade (thanks Chartboost) and expansion file support.

    These are all in the "required changes to the tool" category of changes, which we're avoiding until we get solid build systems for all the Creator versions again (which is hopefully soon, as we have gotten a candidate for updating Windows Creator with the new android signing flow!)

  • UltraLionBluUltraLionBlu Member, PRO Posts: 157

    Eheh I know you already have many things to do, but they would be interesting in the future;)

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