Building a Library of Images for Everyone



  • Eric MatyasEric Matyas United StatesMember Posts: 865

    Hi Everyone,

    I've created and uploaded some new textures on this page:

    GROUND - Artistic - Tile-able

    You can access them (as well as my other pages full of textures) from here:


  • Eric MatyasEric Matyas United StatesMember Posts: 865

    Greetings Everyone! turned 10-years-old this past's hard to believe. I want to send out a big THANK YOU to everyone who has reached out and been so encouraging, supportive and appreciative. I sincerely hope that some of my assets have been (and continue to be) helpful in your awesome creations!

    Speaking of which...

    Brand new seamless texture images are ready on my Wood - (Tile-able) page. As always, they are 100% free to use with attribution, just like my thousands of other images.

    Access to my images, as always, is here:


    For those of you who have been using my free MP3 music tracks and want even richer sounding tracks, Ogg versions of most of my tracks are available as individual downloads that you can easily search for. Here's info about that:

    And complete music packs containing all of my tracks from various genres are here:

    Enjoy, stay safe and keep being creative! :-)

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