Diablo Game Design

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I am self teaching myself game design.

Here is a link to a pdf of the original game design document for Diablo.

Thought someone else might find it interesting as well. Click on the pdf.


Happy gaming


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    cool stuff, i saw this the other day along with an article on the discussion that the creator made. i loved that game

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    Awesome, I use to play this game every weekend years ago, till somebody over battle.net gave me the "staff of apocalypse" and with it I solo'd the game{it casts a spell that lives up to it's name}.

    What I really liked about the game was not only the flexibility of the spell system, but the gameplay and art, especially for the weapons and items in the menu. The atmosphere was quite believable too, I was filled with fear quite often while playing the game, and fighting these abominations{until I got that endgame weapon, lol.}

    I was using the warrior class, and would pick a sword over any other weapon like axe or maces.

    Back to the flexibility of the game, the fact that my warrior character had the potential to learn spells, {as long as you met the stat criteria} was a huge positive. I really dislike in other games, where even if you have the stats for it, they prevent you from learning a skill because of non-numerical restrictions like class. I like the fact that it's the numbers that decide what you can or can't use. {And I was okay with the minor class restrictions, like what armors you coud wear in-game, since I could understand it was a graphical limit.}

    The random generating of special weapons, like getting a 'Azure sword of the Zodiac" or "Gold Axe of the whale", and for it to be highlighted in blue or gold to show how much awesomer it was from normal weapons, really great stuff{I assume it was randomly generated, using a list of suffixes and names that randomly combine, while attaching attributes/stats based of the generated name.

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    Anyone still playing DIablo?

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    I play it! It is one of the best games that I have played. I remember playing it with friends, it was so good, like the best game ever! I would go to school, and all I was thinking about was how I will play the game when I get home, lol. I used to have a lot of time to play games like that. Now I am older, my PC is bad, I have no time to play all the new games. The good thing is that now gaming is easier, because I have money to buy items, I know about diablo 2 rune list, and where to find it. The good thing about being an adult is being able to buy this stuff.



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