Sound Off when in Silent Mode

COBGamesCOBGames Member Posts: 114
Is there a way to get your sound to be off if the vibrate switch is in silent mode? Any other game I play on my phone does it but not the ones I create with gamesalad.


  • ajl1606ajl1606 Member, PRO Posts: 3

    Hi. I'd also like to know if this is possible. I sometimes get negative reviews where people think the app has no sound, but it's just because their device is on silent mode. Is there an option to bypass silent mode in GameSalad? Thanks 🙏

  • uptimistikuptimistik Key Master, Member, Sous Chef, PRO Posts: 285
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    @ajl1606 What about a notice at the start of the game like 'To hear the Sound FX in this game/app, ensure device is not in Silent Mode' maybe? Not sure, never had this issue.

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  • ajl1606ajl1606 Member, PRO Posts: 3

    @uptimistik That's a good workaround, thanks.

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